New Zealand Trophy Waters Volume 1 (one of our leading on-line fishing journals): ( "This video was long overdue, the best trout fishing I have ever seen on film, laid back Kiwi anglers, spectacular surroundings and enormous trout, the whole thing is captured brilliantly".)

New Zealand Fishing News: ( "Production values are high, the camera work is superb, and the featured anglers while low key almost reverent...  are so absolutely stoked with their respective catches, that the viewer can't help but be caught in the scenes".) 

The New Zealand Troutfisher: ( "I enjoyed the video immensely, very instructive in a nicely relaxed way that should appeal to the broadest possible audience. So many films around today are the total opposite. Congratulations to the whole group for so clearly showing how Kiwi's really fish") 

Keswalls Fishing Centre. ( " The video was given to the Fishing Centre to view and review, we loved it. A real joy to watch the gang of fly anglers travel to streams and rivers catching some lovely sized trout out of the most scenic rivers that I have ever seen. It's a very relaxing tranquil tape to watch and you will gain a real insight into the country and the sport".)  

FlyLife Magazine Australia & New Zealand. ( " There is something about huge fish that is special. The adrenalin flow that begins as you catch the first glimpse of the trout in the fast flowing water increases as the indicator drifts down the current and just about boils as the rod buckles and the fly line disappears. You are feeling somewhat drained as the trout is eventually released. This is emotional  fishing-even the featured fishermen feel the tension as luck favors one and not the other and the odd harsh word is spoken. If you haven't fished the rivers of New Zealand you will learn a lot from this video, in an informed way, about back country fishing. The scenery, the quality of the water in the rivers and the action are spectacular. Its not peaceful , 'bread and butter' stuff but rather exhilarating energy-sapping action (and I was only watching!) Its all a bit different from the trout fishing that most Australians are accustomed to. Heavily weighted flies on fluorocarbon tippets; felt soled wading boots; charging down stream to keep in touch with your quarry; frequently cradling 10 pound trout before their  release".) 


                         NEW ZEALAND TROPHY WATERS VOLUME 2

THE NEW ZEALAND TROUTFISHER MAGAZINE   ( If you enjoyed Volume 1, then Bruce Masson's offering is going to be something you'll definitely want as well. If on the other hand this is your first look at Bruce's work, you won't be disappointed. The format is basically the same as before. Over three days fishing, Robbie McPhee, Keith Mitchell and Bruce demonstrate how local anglers approach sight fishing in the Deep South. You'll see how they tackle up, how they approach the water and how they play and land large trout. Robbie and Keith also show you how to tie the dry flies and nymphs used on those days. Day 1 and 2 show the same river on subsequent days. Day 1 is a day to die for, one when dry fly is the obvious first choice. Day 2 is overcast and windy, a day when nymphing makes greater  sense. Day 3 focuses entirely on fishing for sea run browns. In addition Volume 2 also contains a segment on fly casting in which Keith Mitchell talks with Mike Weddell on the river bank. Recall what I said about Mike's skill? Here's what it looks like in both practice and action. New Zealand Trophy Waters Volume Two, runs for 118 minutes that will fly like seconds.)   


NEW ZEALAND OUTDOOR MAGAZINE   (This is the second trout fishing video by Bruce Masson. If you liked volume one, this tape is even better. Presented by Keith Mitchell, the video is split into four parts. Part 1 is on a summers dry fly fishing filmed mainly on small country back country streams of the west coast of the South Island. The fishing is awesome, the trout are massive and the scenery majestic. Some beauty fish expertly caught and all are released quickly, without undue stress. Some nice shots showing the fish taking the fly really make this section. A nice short section on fly tying as well.

Part 2 is on nymph and general dry fly fishing. Similar to section 1 with plenty of big trout caught, crystal clear streams, both Rainbow and Browns. Another nice section on fly tying makes you want to take up the hobby! This is especially good when the natural fly is compared to the artificial - tastefully well done. One negative that I would like to point out is no weights of the fish are given. This is despite the landing net having scales attached. The fish looked to weigh about 6 to 10 pounds but is often hard to tell.  

Part 3 is an instructional section (lasting 20 minutes) on fly casting by world  champion and author, Mike Weddell. Mike is not the most exciting guy on camera but what he says is very informative.

The last section is on sea run fish. This is a nice section on some larger water to round off a great production)   


ROD & RIFLE  (Volume One was almost exclusively devoted to the capture and release of considerable numbers of very large brown trout in some stunning South Island high country locations. The fish and the scenery were mind boggling. Volume Two, again features the modest, affable and highly skilled Robbie McPhee builds nicely on the first volume. Again we have a heady combination of lots of quality angling action, very fine fish and wonderful locations. The narration is pleasant, quaintly homespun and authentic, so refreshingly devoid of the usual hyperbole razzmatazz one associates with many overseas productions.  A couple of other dimensions though lend real substance. I was impressed with the fly-tying segments, neatly woven into the whole video. Some very relevant patterns are tied on screen in such a way that even a relative fly-tying novice could follow the instructions. The cicada pattern is shown strutting its stuff with deadly efficiency making this reviewer wish that summer wasn't quite so far away. 

Producer Bruce Masson makes another major step in the right direction by having fly casting ( and trout catching) expert Mike Weddell put on a very informative fly casting demonstration. Weddell is an angler of rare ability who is able to impart knowledge very effectively. Even quite experienced anglers would benefit from a perusal of this section of the video, especially if like me, they are essentially self taught. Bad habits are easy to adopt and difficult to eliminate.   Mike Weddell could help iron out some of those casting gremlins. If you enjoyed Volume One then you will enjoy Volume Two equally. Both are excellent additions to a video library.)      

BOB WYATT   Noted UK Angling Scribe (I have been watching the whole series again Bruce, just don't tire of it at all. Says something for the quality of your production. I just watched that other fishing tape from New Zealand. Absolutely no comparison!  Production values are non-existent when put up against yours, and its so noisy! full of jabbering and shouting. The thing about yours is you know your fish and the waters so well. Also, your sequences are just visually sumptuous, a real pleasure to watch.





NEW ZEALAND FISH AND GAME MAGAZINE (MASSON MAGIC /  Bruce Masson and his Deep Stream Production team are quickly collecting some of the finest fly-fishing footage in New Zealand, if not the the world, setting standards that are seldom matched, certainly not by the dearth of fishing programmes on New Zealand television. Just like any good anglers, video anglers must spend extended time in the field to obtain quality results and in New Zealand Trophy Waters Volume 3, Masson has managed again to find extraordinary footage. The 120 minute video looks at five divergent fly-fishing scenarios over five days and again feature anglers Robbie McPhee, Chris Jackson, and Keith Mitchell. Rivers remain unnamed, obviously for selfish reasons, but hey, that's fair enough. The fish the trio catch are wonderful enough to keep to themselves, and those keen enough will recognise some of the landmarks and get out and find the water themselves.)  

FISHING WORLD MAGAZINE.   "FISHFEST ON FILM"  (Fishing videos either inspire or infuriate, in my humble opinion. The infuriating ones are those that feature great fishing action only to have the mood spoiled by an idiotic "presenter". Inspiring fishing videos in my view, are based around someone who knows what he's doing and, more importantly, doesn't feel the need to behave like a galah. New Zealand Trophy Waters fill the inspiring in my book. These lengthy productions feature trout fishing of an almost unbelievable quality with the anglers who do the catching being so laidback they almost blend into the background. That said, these blokes showed themselves to be outstanding fly fishermen, especially Robbie McPhee, a quiet, intense fellow who proves to be a fish catching machine. I enjoyed the focused fly tying segments in these videos. I spent an entire rainy afternoon watching these videos and was captivated by the fish and the wonderful NZ rivers they live in. Images of big brown trout slowly rising to take carefully presented flies in clear, shallow water continue to flow through my mind weeks after viewing. Anyone interested in trout should watch these videos to see how good it gets over in New Zealand's South Island. It certainly inspires you to start researching a trip over to experience similar action yourself.)   By Jim Harnwell / editor.   

ROD & RIFLE MAGAZINE. (No wonder Fish & Game are looking at rationing time on our world class rivers; videos such as this must keep our overseas anglers awake at nights and travel agents very busy. Combine gorgeous scenery with fabulous fly-fishing and expert instruction and you will feel proud to be a New Zealander, and thankful to those who had the foresight to introduce trout to our rivers. In this video the action is exciting and the scenery and trout simply stunning. #  Reviewed by Brendan Coe / editor.


                                NEW ZEALAND TROPHY WATERS VOLUME 4.

TROUTFISHER MAGAZINE. - Another masterpiece from Bruce Masson, available in both VHS and DVD. This collection encompasses still water fly fishing for the first time - very interesting and somewhat frustrating for a sight fisher to compare the lake feeding habits of Otago browns to Central North Island rainbows! There is also a very interesting section on Pressured Trout, which I think is this volumes high- some excellent points here. I have to admit to finding the section featuring a day's guiding a little out of place but the last section featuring the same guide on a rare a day off would make anyone green with envy!


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