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Wee Muddler

 Coloburiscus Nymph

New Zealand Trout fishing

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"New Zealand Trout Fishing at its very best"

Displaying catch & release techniques.



Bruce Masson's fly fishing series are quoted by many to be the best fly fishing captured on film available in the world. Their reviews can be read on the review page.

If you have never experienced back-country sight fly-fishing for trophy trout before, these fly-fishing DVDs will show what you have been missing ! Very real and relaxing to watch.


                           VOLUME EIGHT DVD NOW AVAILABLE

Volumes 1 to 6 are available on DVD in PAL or NTSC however Volumes 7 and 8 are only available in PAL


Volume 8 DVD consists of six different days of fly fishing. A total of 106 minutes of running time.

Part 1 “Opening” this was our very first attempt at filming a day’s fly fishing where Keith Mitchell and Bruce Masson fish a famous Southland river. Bruce, the film maker, being an avid fly angler himself, found it hard to leave his fly rod home and as a consequence things became a little disorganised at times. He finally learned it was better to leave his fly rod at home when filming.
Part 2 “Nelson Holiday” was also an early filming attempt with Robbie McPhee fishing another beautiful famous South Island river.
Part 3 The same river several days later.
Part 4 “A Good Decision” Robbie nymph fishing a very different river to the previous days. On this river it was a good test of his skills spotting those beautifully camouflaged trout.
Part 5 “A Change of Plan” Chris Jackson is joined by his friend Russel on a superb days fishing, well it certainly was for Chris.
Part 6 “A Tough Day” Robbie battles a strong head wind, difficult light conditions making spotting trout challenging.

Price $40
Available PAL Only


Volume 7 DVD consist of three segments; 102 minutes of running time.


Part 1  Wonderful Valley - features Robbie McPhee fishing in late December on one of New Zealand's finest  South Island east coast rivers. A truly beautiful river holding stunning trout. ( 27 minutes )

Part 2  Sunshine at Last - features Keith Mitchell fishing in mid summer on another outstanding South Island river seriously affected by drought conditions.  ( 32 minutes )

Part 3  Nelson Adventure - Join Chris Jackson & Keith Mitchell on a two day adventure exploring a large wilderness river in the Nelson region. (43 minutes )


The footage used to compile Vol 7 was taken several years ago when I was experimenting with 16.9

(wide angle filming). At the time I was concerned the quality wasn't good enough for the Trophy Waters series, so it was archived. Recently we revisited this footage and found it to be totally acceptable with

the advances in technologies.


Price $40

Available PAL only





Volume 6 DVD consists of six segments:


Part 1   Lovely Spotted Browns - Anglers Chris Jackson and Keith Mitchell

Part 2   Timing is Everything - Angler Keith Mitchell

Part 3   Fly Tying - Bob Wyatt ties his Deer Hair Sedge

Part 4   Some Days are Diamonds - Anglers Virginia Duncum and Bob Wyatt

Part 5   Fly Tying - Bob Wyatt ties his Deer Hair Emerger

Part 6   West Coast Adventure - Angler Keith Mitchell


Join Bruce and his companions in this 119 minute production as they experience the challenges of

four very different rivers in New Zealand's South Island. Experience the thrill of the helicopter ride into a remote gorge section of a large and challenging West Coast river. Just as in his previous volumes, Bruce has captured the true ambience of the environment. The majestic beauty of the scenery combined with the pristine clarity of this powerful river is set in a unique region of New Zealand's South Island where Keith Mitchell encounters the challenge and strength of these West Coast brown trout.


Price $40

Available PAL and NTSC




          "New Zealand Trophy Waters Volume Five"  "From The Female Perspective":



Bruce poses the question: are the ladies as good as the guys? Phaedra is still a learner, where as Virginia is considered an experienced angler, however her fishing has been mainly on the north Island rivers which are quite different to our Southern rivers. Join the ladies for 102 minutes of entertainment and education as you experience their exhilaration and despair, while they tackle 3 very different South Island rivers. Each with its own unique environment and challenges. The girls hook and land some beautiful trout, equal to any of the boys.

Judge for yourselves how passionate and dedicated these ladies are about their fly fishing.


Part 1-Heaven-a typical high country beautiful stream where the girls face three seasons over the two days. Part 2-Hell-One of those testing days that any honest lad would admit to.

Part 3-Help-A huge physical effort to access this remote river added to the exhilaration of the trip.


Price: $40

Available PAL and NTSC


          "New Zealand Trophy Waters Volume Four"

Volume Four is a two hour production split into five parts. It features four days of truly magnificent trout fishing on three different rivers, including a day fly-fishing on still waters. Bruce Masson shares with us some of his observations on how pressured fish behave and offers suggestions how to catch some of them. This section contains some great visuals and is extremely informative.


Section One - is called “Low Flows” 

Keith is tested while fishing to spooky brown trout on a drought affected small stream.


Section Two – called “A Day with Clients”

Chris Jackson talents as a guide are put to the test in difficult conditions when trying to provide angling for clients from the UK. Heather provides an exciting climax to the day.


Section Three – called “Still Waters”

Keith shows how he ties his successful still water pattern, and then shows how to present it to some beautiful trout. 


Section Four – called “Pressured Trout” 

Bruce Masson our producer cameraman shares with us some of his observations on how pressured trout behave and offers suggestions on how to catch some of them.

This section contains some great photography and of course is extremely informative.  


Section Five – called “The Forecast Was Right”  

Chris Jackson fishes a tiny stream on a day most anglers would have stayed at home after hearing the forecast with surprising results.

Price $40

Available PAL and NTSC



 "New Zealand Trophy Waters Volume Three."


Volume three is a compilation of five separate days fly-fishing on five totally different waters. Its mostly dedicated to nymph fishing with a running time of 120 minutes and like its predecessors is split into five sections.

Section One --  is called -- "Anglers With Attitude" **  This production was filmed at the opening of the season on a spectacular small high country river with Robbie McPhee the angler. A valley rated by many to be the most scenic in the South Island. Some great footage of eye balling the trout taking and rejecting nymphs. 

Section Two -- is called -- "Lined Up" ** This segment is very different from any previous footage. Chris Jackson shows his fly-fishing skills on a rather large river, no big dry flies used on this occasion.  The trout are lined up very close to the surface and only centimetres from the rivers edge, where they are feeding on spent spinners. Keith shows how he attaches  the strike indicator..  

Section Three -- called "Deer Oh Dear" **  A special day for us all, Keith and Robbie are the anglers. We share  our encounters with the wild deer and pigs during the one-hour cross country drive to reach our starting point for the days fishing. As we fish our way up this incredible valley, we capture on film several more encounters with these wonderful animals roaming the hills. The river is high from recent rain, about double its normal flow, thus making the fishing even more difficult.

Section Four -- called "Our Tribute To Ron Wood" ** Several months previous Ron Wood & Robbie planned a fishing trip outside their normal hunting grounds, an area that Ron enjoyed immensely, however Ron became to ill to travel but insisted Rob and Bruce go anyway. After fruitlessly searching up another river not to far away from the intended, they finally arrived at 1.30 pm. They were greeted by gale force wind, Bruce said he would have been happy to head back home, but they stayed and fished on with some spectacular results. 

Section Five -- called "Lost Opportunities" **  Keith & Robbie are the anglers on this day of frustration when things don't always go to plan. Some huge trout are seen and missed during the day, but  all were not lost. This section is one of my favourite videos as it shows not all trout are catch able. Even though one presents his best fly at the end of his best cast for the day, the trout streaks away leaving us grasping the rod handle very tightly, our minds pondering what we did so wrong. The only comfort we have in these moments of self doubt are, knowing that all anglers will suffer the same fate at one time or another, that's what keeps us coming back time and time again.

 Available PAL and NTSC


   "New Zealand Trophy Waters Volume Two"

It is compiled from three separate days of fly-fishing and a twenty-five minute tutorial on fly-casting by Mike Weddell, a former British and World Champion Fly-caster.  Shown are several insects and the flies we use to represent them. Having a reasonable knowledge of when and what insects are abundant at any particular time of the year, can often make the difference between success and failure.

The opening section features a bright summers day with Robbie McPhee fishing his way up a beautiful sparkling stream that supports both large rainbow and brown trout. An  upstream breeze with an occasional strong puff of wind  blowing terrestrials onto the water, thus keeping the trout interested in surface feeding all day. This proved to be a most memorable day indeed, one of those days that most anglers can only dream about. Robbie hooks and lands 15 trout that average in excess of six and a half pounds each. All are caught using his favourite dry fly the Wee Muddler. We show Robbie tying this fly. 

The weather on day two is in total contrast to the first day, dull and cold. Keith Mitchell joins Robbie for this days fishing, and unlike the first day when only dry flies were used, both nymphs and dry flies are presented to some fine trout, however not all were accepted. Keith demonstrates tying his successful nymph. 

The third section is dedicated to Mike Weddell showing us how to improve our casting and fly-fishing in general. Mike is a natural teacher of his skills and much can be learned from this compact 25 minute tutorial. 

The final segment is Keith and Robbie fishing an Otago river trying their luck for sea trout. Once again a combination of nymphs and dry flies are used. You won't be disappointed. Robbie ties his very successful, in Robbie's words, "non descript" black bead head caddis nymph.

The most frequent comment from those who have watched my latest production has been, "an extremely enjoyable and exciting video to watch, abundant with information and will prove to be very popular with both novice and experienced anglers alike".

118 Minutes of running time, available in PAL or NTSC ***USA

Price $40

Available PAL and NTSC



     "New Zealand Trophy Waters Volume One"  

features four very talented weekend anglers sight fly fishing some of the best waters in the world, beautiful South Island rivers. The camera work and editing make this a real experience for the seasoned angler and a visual delight to all those who appreciate the great outdoors.  New Zealands South Island fishing has long been recognized  as one of the greatest trout fishing locations in the world, and these productions show why. 

Filmed and produced by Bruce Masson who has himself landed twenty-seven trophy trout, these are fish over ten pounds. Spectacular footage of backcountry river valleys where trophy trout  are tempted with nymphs and dry flies, followed by the hook up, landing and then the release of these wonderful trout. 

                Volume one is a compilation of three episodes from Bruce Masson's fly fishing television series called, "Back Country Fly Fishing", also known as "South Island Fly Fishing".  The first day is set on a small river in the Nelson Lakes area with Robbie McPhee the angler. Day two is further up stream on the same river, however on this occasion Chris Jackson joins Robbie. The third day is on a Southland river with two new anglers, Keith Mitchell and Ron Jones. The video clearly shows huge brown trout moving and intercepting nymphs. Later you will see trophy browns rising and taking dry flies. Many large trout are landed and released over the three days. On the left are two of the five flies used, "Wee Muddler and Coloburiscus nymph". The three other flies were, Hares Ear nymph,  Blowfly, Mole fly.                

               "New Zealand Trophy Waters vol one" is not a how to do it video, it's more a motivational tool. One can't resist the pure simplicity in a fly such as the "Wee Muddler" and then not thrill to the battle between angler and trophy fish.

               Our non fishing friends accuse us of having obsessions with our sport and all it entails. The planning, getting our gear together and then disappearing into the outback in our four wheel drive. We however would much rather call it a passion for indulging in something we love and is there anything wrong with angling obsessions? Whether they be fly tying, rod building, looking at angling videos, messing about in boats or simply just going fishing.

81 minutes running time. 

Price $40

Available PAL and NTSC



                      JOHN MORTON'S   "TIE A FLY"

John is an absolute master at fly tying. He has successfully fished many of the worlds rivers using the flies portrayed in this DVD. He takes you step by step through his special techniques of tying the five main styles, including his new "Fur Dubbing" method involved in the tying of the "Creedon's Creeper". This DVD is so comprehensive that after watching it a complete novice should be able to tie flies.


Price $40



This is a two hour DVD


Multiple orders of Trophy Waters DVDs will receive the following discounts: 


Any 2 DVDs NZ$70 + P&P  = Discount of $10

Any 3 DVDs NZ$105 + P&P  = Discount of $15

Any 4 DVDs NZ$130 + P&P  = Discount of $30

Any 5 DVDs NZ$160 + P&P  = Discount of $40

Any 6 DVDs NZ$190 + P&P = Discount of $50

Any 7 DVDs NZ$220 + P&P = Discount of $60


John Morton's "Tie A Fly" DVD $NZ40 + P&P


*Postal charges

To USA, Canada,  United Kingdom, Sweden, Japan, Germany  -   $14 NZ

To Australia - NZ$10

Within NZ - NZ$6  

(All prices are quoted in New Zealand Dollars) and are for single DVDs only.

New Zealand buyers have the added option to purchase by sending a cheque for $46  to,     

Bruce Masson.  

89 Welshs Road, RD2 Outram, 9074 Otago. 

Please ensure your return address is enclosed. 

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Bruce Masson says; "over the many years of pursuing my favorite sport, I have noticed that fly-fishing is a great leveler of people. Regardless of wealth colour or creed, many of these barriers are forgotten when fishing a favourite stream or sharing our day's experience with a total stranger. One can choose to indulge oneself and fish alone, or an even better idea is to share the experience with good friends. I believe that here in New Zealand we are extremely fortunate to still have the freedoms to wander and explore our wilderness. Long may this last for all of us to enjoy".











             ENQUIRIES TO:

    Bruce Masson.

                   Deep Stream Productions

       89 Welshs Road,

            RD2, Outram, Otago.

 New Zealand.







(+ 64) 3 489 1882





Keith Mitchell releasing a trophy


Ron Jones with a beauty                                   




 Warranty- Should any DVD be faulty on arrival or fail prematurely, simply return the tape and it will be replaced free of charge